Entertaining audiences all round the U.K. for over 40 fabulous years!

Against a 75ft wide  medieval castle and podiums, featuring medieval banners and costumes with flaming torches, pyrotechnics and mystic smoke. With their own self-contained sound system, presenting dramatic music, fanfares and sound effects, they re-create two totally fantastic 40 minute epic plays of “A Tale of Richard the Lionheart” and “The Legend of King Arthur“.

Dressed in period costumes and armor, they delight audiences of all ages with their heroic fighting and dazzling pageantry, transporting them back to a stunning world of Mythical England with amazing realism. AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION is encouraged; Children are invited to become Squires to the Knights, Village Maidens and a Lady of the Day to become their Maid Marion and within their second show children attempt to pull the Great Sword Excalibur from the Stone!

With many appearances on television and at numerous Round Table, Lions, Council events, Castles, Guernsey Shows and the Isle of Wight Steam Rally. Also voted the BEST FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT by the Swale Committee. A Magical Day’s entertainment from one act.

In one afternoon the Spectacular Knights of the Crusades not only thrill the audience with such weapons as Great Sword, Single-Handed Sword, Quarter-Staff, Great Axe, Throwing Axe, Dagger, Halbert, Whip and Terrible Flail (Tripple Ball & Chain!) but also supply Epic Music and Sound Effects, Dialogue, Beautiful Coloured Banners and Bunting, Shields and a Maypole, with Audience Participation in Two Thumping Good Stories!

“We are the weavers of dreams upon the open grass. The audience is subjected to the full spectrum of emotion; Thrills, Laughter, Splendour, Excitement, Pride & Passion. We create a world of make-believe with the realism that makes you think that it just might have really happened! We cater for an audience too young to stand to those too old to stand, for we know that they are all young at heart!”

Truly unbeatable value at £1495 for two 40 min arena shows

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